10 Benefits of Cardio. Start Moving!

A lot of people hate cardio, particularly running, but it is the key to being fit and healthy. It is time to get off the couch and get moving. The younger you are when you start incorporating aerobic exercise into your life, the better the effects will be.

Here Are the Top 10 Benefits of Cardio. Make Sure You Get Your Daily Dose

1. Lose Weight

It does not matter how many sit-ups you do or weights that you lift. The key to staying trim is aerobic exercise. Not only this, it tones your muscles so that you lose weight and get the body you are looking for.


2. Boost Your Energy

Cardio is hard for beginners. You may get tired easily and want to quit. Don’t! Over time you will build up your endurance. This will not only improve your workout but also benefit your daily life as it will give you additional energy to do the things you need to do.


3. Help Your Immune System

Aerobics jump start all of the systems in your body and make sure they are running efficiently. It is proven to help circulate your white blood cells and raise your body temperature which are the keys to fighting and preventing illness.


4. Across the Board Illness Protection

Cardio helps reduce the risks associated with a wide variety of health conditions including cancer, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart and lung disease. Essentially, anything associated with your circulatory system is improved significantly.


5. Improve Your Mood

When you are feeling low, there is always the temptation to grab a pint of ice cream and relax on the couch. This is only going to make you feel worse. Cardio helps boosts your endorphins and a host of hormones associated with your mood. It’s simple. Start moving and start smiling.

benefits of cardio


6. Strengthen Your Heart

Do you think the world’s best athletes have a slow or a fast heart rate? The top runners, swimmers and bicyclists around the world consistently have slow heart rates because a slow heart is generally an efficient one and consistent aerobic exercise is the key to this.


7. Smooth Running Arteries

Cardio boosts good cholesterol (HDL) and helps eliminate the bad. Not only this, since it increase circulation there is potential for plaque to develop in your arteries which is one of the leading causes of heart attacks any other problems.


8. Improve Chronic Illnesses

Aerobics are essential if you have issues with your blood sugar or blood pressure. They can help you maintain a better balance on both of these and mitigate the problems associated with chronic diseases. It is also one of the best ways of preventing these conditions in the first place.


9. Maintaining Wellness as You Age

Most people don’t realize that as they do cardio, they are also building muscles. These muscles are vital in maintaining your mobility as you age. Not only this, but research across the board has proven that regular exercises is associated with improved memory, cognition, general motor skills in older adults and may even prevent dementia. For younger people, it is associated with a whole range of improved brain function and will boost your memory retention. Also, it has been associated with improving confidence and general well-being.


10. Longer Life

This has been confirmed. Across the board, exercise is not only associated with a longer life, but a happier one as well. Those who exercise report greater satisfaction in their careers and personal relationships.


LazRfit Advantage

Now you can reap of these benefits in a fun way. Running on a treadmill or using a Stairmaster gets old fast. This is one of the most consistent reasons why people do not do cardio frequently enough. With lazRfit, you get the dynamics of our tailored workout in a fast-paced, fun workout. Our classes will excite you and help stimulate a range of muscles. When you run, you may only be stimulating one area, but with our program, it is a total body workout including your mind too! It is exciting, competitive and the most important thing that exercise should be, addictive.


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