The Dangers of Undereating and Overtraining

Many people come to our lazRpark obsessed with the idea of becoming slim or achieving massive muscle gains. They wish to reach their goal faster by exercising more and eating less or eating more and exercising less. While it is true we put on weight when we absorb more energy than we burn, it is simply not true that we can manipulate our bodies that way, and expect to remain healthy! You see, the body is more than a machine. You and your body are integral.

The Risks of Over-Dieting While Exercising

Our bodies are not akin to a Lego set where we build a piece then remove a block or two after reconsidering what we see. We each have a system in place to distribute nutrients to the farthest corners of our bodies at speeds that can be undetectable even for modern science. When we disrupt this balance by reducing intake and exercising more, are bodies go into survival mode and can actually hold onto fat much more effective - rendering our fitness goals utterly useless.

To focus on keeping the fat they have, your body may end up shutting down non-essential systems like sex drive. More seriously, starving yourself of essential nutrients and calories can lead to an increase in your levels of cortisol. Over time, this can encourage water and body-fat retention. Simply put, you could actually put on more weight by exercising more while eating less.

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Exercise and Strength

In survival mode, our bodies focus on blood pressure, breathing, and maintaining our core body temperature. The last thing they are interested in is strenuous exercise. As you continue eating less, you will notice your muscle strength fading. Therefore, you don’t have enough power in you to actually complete your training sessions. You have reached the point where your body is out of balance, and that is not good.

To recap, you came to the gym to lose weight and become stronger. Instead, you are listless and have difficulty completing your routines. Moreover, those lumps of fat are going nowhere. You decide gym is a bad idea and you are close to throwing in the towel. This is not how gym is supposed to work!


Nutrition Fuels Our Fitness

We build muscles through exercise with a two-step process. We break our muscle tissue down by stressing it through exercise. Then, fueled by a healthy diet, our bodies rebuild it to even better shape. Problem! It cannot do this without the proper amount of calories and proteins it needs for the job. In the same way, we can’t do our exercises without the necessary strength.

There surely is a fine line between balanced and unbalanced as we all strive towards the perfect body – never give up!


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