From Virtual Gaming to Laser Game Fitness

Do you remember playing 2-dimensional games and wishing they were in 3-D? How about playing 3-D games wishing you could jump into the game and be a part of the action? Are you excited about the innovations lately in immersive technology and augmented reality platforms? 

Do you find the prospect of physically exploring and interacting within the realm of virtual reality game totally enticing? As technology increases, so has the complexity of the games we engage in.

Play Your Workout

With the first video game, the classic beep-boop showdown known as Pong, there was a real buzz of excitement in the air about the innovation and what the future would bring. Pong seemed so modern to those first playing, whether at home on their Atari or on an upright arcade console for a quarter a play.

The interactive graphics were brand new to consumers, and the action seemed supreme at the time. Video games over the years, though graphics and technology improved, continued gaining a reputation of being a slothish, even lazy activity.

Gaming Goes Physical

In more recent years, we’ve seen implementations of physical activity like physical gestures to play sports games on the Nintendo Wii, or the super-physical Dance Revolution games that were all the craze and remain popular these days... But...

Avid gamers and cognitive experts can agree that playing video games enhances problem-solving skills, reaction time, hand-eye-coordination, and a number of other beneficial brain functions that non-gamers’ brains just simply don’t stack up against.

Multiplayer online games give you the excitement and are addictively fun, but even the most active online gamers are engaging in little physical activity, social and fun as it all may be.

You loved playing video games as a kid, but now you’re looking for a more physical activity to match with your active lifestyle.

Who has time to work a 40 hour work-week AND get in their fitness training? Let alone time to hang with friends...

You enjoy the social element of laser tag or the comradery of those online multiplayer games, as you’re always on the lookout for new friends, acquaintances, or companions -- and you're always looking for that next cool thing to be in on before everybody 3lse.

We all wanna make time for exercises to avoid belly fat, but workout time doesn’t always fly by the way game time does.

Can You Play With Your Cardio Workout?

laser game fitness

Workouts sometimes can seem so ... boring. You make a plan, starting with a daily regimen you’re totally going to follow, and by day 2 or 3 you’re already bored with it, letting it slip your mind, making excuses... But you can get your strength training and cardio exercise while having a good time. Working out doesn’t have to be a hastle or a chore.

It can be the hardest thing to do in the world to stick to a workout routine. Just the wording of it, “workout routine” seems so ... routine. When you get up and move, though, you tend to make healthier nutrition decisions too, and playing builds your real-world social network and can breed new friendships and expand your professional network as well.

Time for something new. LazRfit workouts fly by the way playing 12 minutes of your favorite video game would.


Get Fit, Press Play


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