How to Mentally Prepare for Fitness

Admittedly, it can be tough to wake up every morning with the desire to go and exercise. Truth is, even the greatest athletes on the planet struggle to get better each and every day. So, if even the greatest athletes sometimes struggle to get better, what separates you from them?



SMART Fitness Goals


In order to mentally prepare yourself to tackle your fitness goals, you must have them clearly mapped out in your mind. Know what your goals are, and develop a plan to get there.

Mapping out your fitness objectives allows you to take the most direct path in achieving those goals. Make them realistic and obtainable; accomplishing them will motivate you, and propel you forward toward your next accomplishment. Creating SMART Goals are an effective way to set yourself for success, and to track your progress .


Physically Prepare


Being in the right state of mind goes further than just being able to pick yourself up off the couch and mosey on down to the gym. Your physical and mental capabilities are dependent on one another, and both are equally important when mentally preparing yourself for fitness activities.

A pint of cookie dough ice cream may sound wonderful, but it’s not the best meal to prepare for a workout. Like any machine that’s ready to perform, your body needs fuel. But, what is the right fuel for your body, and how much? The answer to this question depends largely on your fitness goals. Are you looking to put on size, or are you looking to burn fat?

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Regardless, you should be consuming natural and wholesome foods to ensure that your body and your mind are in tune with one another.


Consistency is Key


Possibly the most important factor in mentally preparing to tackle any fitness challenge is consistency. I know that sounds corny and played out, but it’s the truth. Progress, no matter how small, is still progress. Taking a day off means working twice as hard the next day, just to be in the same place as you would have been. I know, it seems silly, but think where you could be right now if you never took a day off.


Self-Motivate for Fitness


mentally prepare for fitness

What in the world motivates and inspires you the most to do something great? Maybe there’s that one song in your playlist that just pumps you up more than anything else. Or maybe you have a hero who inspires you, and that you look to emulate.

Whatever your motivation is, channel that energy and use it to mentally prepare yourself to do something great, and to be something great! Even if your method of motivation is a strange one, if it works, you should use it. My roommate in college actually listened to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody every time he bench-pressed – no joke!

My point is that everyone has their own method to their madness, and that’s okay. The important thing is recognizing those key motivational factors, and to use them to mentally prepare. Create yourself an awesome playlist, watch some inspirational videos, and just get out and go do. Whatever it takes is whatever you should be doing to reach your fitness goals.

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About the Author: Zachary LeBlanc

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