How to Stay Motivated to Reach Fitness Goals

When you have a fitness goal set for yourself, the biggest challenge is getting yourself to that point. It’s a natural thing to feel overwhelmed or discouraged at time, especially if that change you were anticipating seems to be out of reach. 

However, keeping yourself on track requires the right motivation to keep you going; this involves weeding out the negative influencers and encouraging positive influencers in your journey to fitness.

Motivate Your Way to Fit

Define Your Goals 

Define every aspect of your fitness regimen. If you don’t clearly know what you’re working towards, you’ll be more prone to giving up. Write down your fitness goals, being specific about the amount of weight you want to lose and the time within which you want to reach that goal. Work out a fixed exercise schedule - setting aside a fixed time in your day which you’ll dedicate entirely to your fitness workouts.

Keep Diligent Records 

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At the end of your workout sessions, be diligent about keeping records of what you did, as well. Did you do sit-ups? Write it down: how many did you do, and for how long you did it. Why? You’ll be surprised at how seeing the proof of your body’s increasing stamina in writing can make you feel motivated. Better yet, let technology take care of it for you.

Adjust Your Attitude

Treating your exercise routine as a chore is a surefire way to make you lose track of your goal. Instead try looking at your exercise routine as a necessary part of your day: something that you consider as conducive your health and happiness. Find out what exercises you enjoy doing and find ways to increase your enjoyment of them. For example, if you love walking, alter your routes every now and then. Sticking to the same route every day can make your fitness routine monotonous.

Find an Exercise Buddy

Exercise routines are definitely more enjoyable if you can find someone to do them with: someone who shares the same goals as you: a spouse, a buddy, a fellow-member from your gym club. With the support of a peer(s), you can find reliable encouragement you need when you find yourself in need positive reinforcement. A companion can also help hold you accountable: watching the other person stay focused on their goal can give you that push as well; on the other side, being able to provide encouragement when your companion finds themselves slipping can have surprising effects on your own motivation, as well.

Photograph and Share Your Progress

Don’t thwack us for going all cliché on you: but an image speaks volumes, especially when you use them to tell a story about your quest for fitness. Take advantage of today’s selfie-obsessed world, and use it to document your progress at the end of every week or fortnight. The before and after photos which show how your body has been changed by your regular workout changes can be positive motivators. Better still, post your progress on social networks or share them with a close network of friends if social media’s not really your thing. Encouragement and accolades from your friends can also help keep you motivated. 

Set The Pace With Music

Listening to music triggers the release of dopamine - the feel good hormone which induces feelings of euphoria and general positivity. So don your earbuds, play some upbeat music and turn your routine into one which will leave you feeling immensely satisfied and pleased with your progress.

Love Yourself

No, no, we’re not telling you to emulate Narcissus - no good ever comes from being vain. What we’re telling you is to be kind to yourself. Don’t push yourself beyond what your body can endure, and it will let you know when it’s had enough: listen to it. Exercise isn’t a punishment; it’s a means to a better life. There are a number of ways in which you can find the motivation to stick to your fitness goals. The main thing to remember: the outcome is a healthier, happier you; and there’s no better reason to start motivating yourself.


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