The Gift of Time: Lunch Break Workouts

What’s your number one excuse for not working out? Is it “Not enough time”. “I’m too busy”. “It’s too far to go”. “Too tired, no energy”. “It takes too long”.

Make the Most of a Work Day

We are always using worn-out old excuses like these to try and convince ourselves to take another day of physical fitness away from our routine, but those of us who work as hard at sticking to our workout schedule as we do benefit from the regularity and ease of habit that comes with making exercise a ritual in your life.

Using your workday lunch breaks to your advantage, wouldn’t it be nice to look forward to your workout each day?  YOUR LUNCH BREAK is your perfect time to get in that daily workout that you not only need, but also deserve.

For a lot of working women, lunch break isn’t even much of a break.  Why worry about working through lunch when you could much better spend those daily intermissions on some time for yourself, like they’re intended to be used?

No more working through lunch, let’s get out and exercise.

Being physically active during the day helps you stay more focused and be more productive during your afternoon back at the office. Imagine getting your daily workout done during your lunchbreak with time to warm up and have a cooldown?


How to Fit Exercise in a Busy Day?


Get Outdoors

If you aren’t into running or even much of a jogger, even just a brisk 20-minute walk per day has been shown to have significant positive impacts on one’s health over the span of their lifetime.  If you have an hour for lunch, consider walking briskly around downtown for half an hour, just enjoying the sights and sounds, but make sure that heart is beating faster than it normally does when you’re stuck sitting at your desk or a conference table the rest of the day.

Cool Down Quickly

Ways of cooling down a bit quickly compared to normal can have you feeling relaxed once you’re back at your workplace.  Enjoy a glass of cold water, maybe some ice in there to give it a real chill, and let cold water run over your wrists and hands to help channel away some of that excess body heat you’re circulatin’ after gettin’ that daily dose of activity.

Pack Your Lunch

lunch break workout

Packing a healthy meal the night before will mean you’ve got something yummy and balanced to keep you motivated and full of energy. Try a protein-packed noodle salad with salmon, or eggs and veggies, or go meatless with lentils and tofu.


Which Lunchbreak Workout Works for You?


High-Intensity Interval Training

Doing a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout can be done quick, making it one of the ideal lunch-hour fitness selections to choose from. The intensity of these fast workouts burns fat faster, tones your muscles to give you better physical definition and starts showing nice results in less time than you might expect if you keep a habit of it.  With HIIT on your lunch hour, you’ll still have time for a decent cooldown period before returning to work.

Find a Lunch Class Combo

Some gyms have started to cotton on to just how busy we all are, and have created lunchtime classes that combine a shorter session with food to take away. Psycle, for example, offers a 35 minute spin with a healthy protein rich takeaway box from The Detox Kitchen. If a gym close to your work does this, you can cruise back into the office with a nutritious meal to eat at your desk.

Skip the Gym

No, we don't mean just give up on your workout entirely, we're talking about taking to the streets for a run. If you have showers in your office you can cut out half of the time you waste on lockers and waiting for a treadmill by just getting changed in your work bathroom and pounding the pavement.

Choose the Right Moves

lunge, lunch break workout | LazRfit | Downtown LA

If you're a little stuck for time, it's important to feel like you're getting the most out of your workout. If you think you'll have time to shower and have a reliable cap, swimming works every muscle in the body. If you'd rather stay on terra firma you can try a set of exercises. Make sure you fit in time for squats and lunges, as these are the moves that work the most muscles in the body at one time.

If you’re looking for a downtown LA gym that can give you a fast lunch break workout, then lazRfit is likely right for you.  12 minutes at a time is all it takes for full-body fitness, not to mention a healthy dose of adrenaline that comes from avoiding enemy fire. Play your workout and go back to work!

Get Fit, Press Play


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About the Author: Kyle Patrick Murphy

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