The Mind and Body Benefits of Exercise

Many people exercise to avoid weight gain or lose weight, but there are actually a huge number of other benefits of exercise. Some workouts provide specific benefits, but all types of training help improve your health and overall quality of life.

Physical and Mental Perks of Exercise

Why Even Exercise?

Reduce Body Fat

Reducing your body fat has several benefits in addition to controlling weight. For instance, if you suffer from high blood pressure, lowering body fat will help you maintain a healthy blood pressure level. Less body fat also prevents and helps controls type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Prevent Back Pain

Performing exercises proper form will improve your posture, strength, and flexibility, all of which will release you from back pain.

Improve Your Mood

According to scientific studies, regular exercise will reduce your stress levels, improve your self-esteem, and keep you mentally sharp.

Lower Risk for Certain Cancers

Research has found that active people are at a reduced risk for some cancers including colon and breast cancer. There is also some evidence that suggests exercise can prevent endometrial and lung cancer.

Strengthens Bones

All types of exercise, not just weight training, slow the rate of bone density loss that comes with aging. This reduces your risk for osteoporosis and hip fracture. It also helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis and other conditions that can impact the joints.

Improves Longevity

All these fitness benefits will improve your lifespan by helping you survive the most likely causes of death.


The Advantages of a Cardio Workout

A cardiovascular workout counts as anything that elevates your heart rate for a sustained length of time. There are specific benefits you will only receive with cardio exercise.

A Healthier Heart

As your heart works, it becomes stronger. This improves cholesterol and fat levels in the bloodstream, enhances the condition of your blood vessels, and reduces any inflammation in your arteries. All of these put you at lower risk for cardiovascular disease, including a heart attack or stroke, and will stop you feeling out of breath during routine activities, like climbing stairs.

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Improved metabolic rate helps with maintaining and losing weight. Intense workouts are the best of all for increasing metabolism.

Hormonal Release

Cardio exercise releases hormones that make you feel good, such as the ones that reduce feelings of depression and fatigue, along with hormones that curb appetite.


Full Body Workout Benefits

Professional athletes often exercise a different muscle group every day, but most people have no time for this. A better option is a full body workout a couple days a week. Plus, you’ll receive several additional benefits.

Burns More Calories

When you involve your entire body in the workout, you burn more calories in a shorter time.

Promotes Strength

Involving large muscle groups challenges the whole body, helping you become stronger and build up muscles.

Keep Things Interesting

It is equally important to stimulate your mind, not least because you are less likely to keep exercising if your workouts are boring. As a full body workout can involve such as wide range of activities, there is always something to look forward to.


LazRfit: Cardio + Whole Body Workout

LazRfit gives you both a cardio and full body workout in one, for all the above fitness benefits. Perhaps more importantly, it is always fun and challenging for your body and mind.

LazRfit combines the intensity of a workout with the fun and excitement of laser tag. You will need to be constantly moving to avoid your opponents’ lasers and to target as many people as possible. At the end of the workout, you’ll see your workout statistics in addition to your game score. Every time you come, you will have motivation to workout harder for a higher score, meaning you’ll always be gaining more benefits from your workout.


Get Fit, Press Play


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