Tired of Your Stairmaster Routine?

It’s a common enough scenario.

You’ve decided you need to shed the pounds. You’ve talked to fitness experts. You’ve looked up the best cardio routines, and have decided the Stairmaster (or Elliptical or Stationary Bike) is the way to go. So far, so good! Right? Wrong.

You start up on your routine with enthusiasm. You push yourself hard with a determined 20 minutes of stepping with different stepping patterns. A month later, however, you begin to feel a little wearied: the stepping is great, but inevitably, the monotony starts grating on you - even your body is hitting a plateau. You find yourself either minimizing your workout time or skipping it altogether.  There’s no shortage of reasons for why you couldn’t work out on a given day: the kids needed your attention; you had a meeting you needed to prepare for; your friends came over and you needed a break, anyway.

Why People Stop Working Out

And we get it. You’re not alone. Here are a few reasons we’ve often heard on why people tend to give up on exercise routines.

Lack of Variety

The repetitiveness of the stepping can feel monotonous to people and cause them to lose interest. Even alternating or mixing up workout routines cannot entirely strip the monotony off. Your body is an effectively efficient workout machine. After a certain period of time it will become accustomed to a regular repetitive workout routine if you don't engage in a variety of diverse physical activities. Remember, variety is the spice of fitness.

Frustration with Results (or lack of them)

The road to fitness requires patience and persistence. But for some, it might feel like nothing’s happening!

Being Alone Isn't Fun

A lot of people shy away from traditional exercise routines like the Stairmaster or treadmill because they’re solitary: built for one person. This can make the exercise routines seem very isolating.

Lack of Time

Busy schedules - both at work and home - simply don’t seem to allow for regular workout sessions.

Bored With Repeating the Same Workouts

People tend to enjoy exercise more if it's fun. The fun element helps them forget that they’re exercising, and also keeps them motivated.

But, the fact still remains: cardio is an absolute necessity. It helps with weight loss, builds muscle, reduces the risk for cardiovascular horrors like diabetes or heart attacks, and improves oxygen circulation in the body.

So, ditching cardio altogether is just a bad, bad idea.

Don't treat fitness as a chore. Try to inject more activity into your life naturally. Take the stairs more often. Engage in walking lunch meetings. Use half of your lunch break to dedicate to a fitness activity.

Time to Reconcile Fun and Cardio

butt lifting routine, stairmaster | LazRfit | Downtown LA

At lazrFit, we set about asking ourselves: How do we find a way to make cardio not seem like a punishing exercise routine? How do we remove all of the above deterrents without minimizing any of the benefits of cardio?

The answer: Laser Tag.  Since Laser Tag requires the player to accelerate and decelerate while dodging lasers, it gives your cardiovascular system a good workout.

LazRfit combines the fun of Laser Tag with the benefits of an effective cardiovascular and muscular workout!


Get Fit, Press Play


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