Top 10 Workouts that Burn Calories the Most

Fitness weight loss is on our mind these days. In the fast pace world we live in, we are increasingly busy with career and responsibilities. To juggle it all without dropping the ball, we want to stay fit, lose those extra pounds that stubbornly stick to our waistline.


We need a workout that gives quick results, burn calories and gives us stamina to handle life.


Solo Calorie-Burners


Although motivation often feeds from our peers, it’s not always practical to join a group, or we may use those solo workouts as quality time. These 5 workouts burn cals like there is no tomorrow. (The amount of calories differs depending on intensity and metabolic rate. Here’s a comprehensive calories burned calculator if you want to see where you stand.)

On average per hour:


420 to 630 - Cardio workout that also builds legs and upper body muscles while toning your abs. Rowing machines are not recommended if you have lower back problems.


500 calories - All you need is a very good pair of running shoes and your motivation.


500 calories - Benefit from the calming effect of the water (plus it’s very soft on your joints).


burn calories, kickboxing

578 calories - You can attend classes but you can do this stress relieving activity at home.


770 calories - You may want to wait a while before doing “figures” but it’s an excellent outdoor workout.


Intense Group Workouts


Most of us feel the need to socialize and seek motivation at the same time: team building, encouragements, sharing a common goal with kindred spirits and a touch of a friendly competition. In fact, working out with others provides a challenge that adds another layer of motivation.


500 to 600 calories - Dancing relieves stress. Zumba is a very intense workout and fun too.

Martial Arts

On average 612 calories - Requires a lot of discipline. You build strength and self control.


750 calories- A calorie-burner that also leaves your muscles burning, for the greater good. A lot more intense than a bicycle ride in the park.


770 calories - It only requires one partner (though you may attempt a 3-player match). It is tennis on steroids, fast and furious.


The Kicker

burn calories, lazRfit


200+ calories in a 12-minute game. Brand new, the next big thing. If you combine laser tag, cardio plus tactical and high tech, you might get close.


We are all different, our needs, our body and our lives. But when we set a fitness goal, we want to find the intense workout that will burn the most calories in the least amount of time. And if there is a workout that can deliver results and be fun, we won’t pass.

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