10 Ways to Make Cardio Fun

Cardio workouts, no matter which you prefer, help build stamina and allow us to get and stay fit. They are recognized as one of the keys to health and longevity. 

But, yes, we also agree: they’re not always fun. That's why we've explored the ways you can add more fun into your fitness and cardio workout.

Heart Healthy Fitness Fun

The Fun Starts in the Brain (Mental Conditioning)


1. Get Out of the House

If you don’t want to join a gym, at least don’t stay confined in your bedroom, garage or the room you chose for your cardio workout. Get you equipment and yourself outside. Go to the park and jump rope alongside with kids.

2. Don't Do It Alone 

Find a workout partner, a gym class or a sports team to join. Energy is contagious and so is motivation.

3. Personalize It

If you like to dance, maybe Zumba or capoeira is an option. If you want to release stress, try kickboxing. Don’t be afraid to explore and try. When you choose the one that fits your personality you will have the most fun possible.

4. Change Your Point of View

If you see you cardio workout as a chore, it will naturally become a burden and a bore and you will miss out on the good it brings. Focus on the positive. If you can’t find any and only do it because you feel you have to, try something else.

5. Go Shopping 

Combine retail therapy and fitness by shopping for a few workout outfits. Researchers have found that the clothing we wear influences our behavior. Dressing the part is half the battle, right? If you enjoy the process of getting ready, you'll have psyched yourself up to workout and get in the mood for fitness!


Make a Game Out of Cardio


6. Play Chase  

Remember as a child running wildly after a friend, after the dog, away from your parents? Why not do it again?

7. Add a Little Friendly Competition

Challenge your friends, challenge yourself. You could even incorporate a prize or punishment factor. Get creative!

8. Mix It Up

When we think cardio, we often thing jogging, biking or treadmill. It doesn’t have to be steady state cardio. Alternate a moderate running pace with sprints. Maybe add a few squats or jumps. Not only will you accelerate your heart rate but you’ll get a full workout out of it.

9. Track Your Progress  

Seeing results day after a day is more motivating than expecting results. A workout log, a fitness tracker or app will help you keep your eyes on the best part: that it works.

10. Combine It All!

LazRfit | Downtown LA | Cardio Fun

Why pick one when you can have it all? LazRfit is a new sport that is bound to leave the classics in the dust. LazRfit incorporates the fun and competitive energy of laser tag with a whole body workout. You'll spring, squat, crouch, and jump your way to victory while avoiding enemy fire and shooting your Handle at unsuspecting opponents. The bonus? A highly effective cardio workout and intense calorie-burner that you can do with your friends or by yourself!

There is no better time to start than now.

You know the benefits of working out, you know that the boost of energy and improved mood will be among the rewards. Adding fun to your cardio regimen will make you look back on the old days with a smile on your face, looking forward to tomorrow.


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